Greatest ever commercial participation for Global Lightning 20

11 February 2020: The United States Space Force Public Affairs announced the conclusion of the Global Lightning 20, highlighting how the Commercial Integration Cell (CIC) improved the overall success of the exercise in an effort to enhance resilience of Combined Force Space Component Command operations at the CSpOC.

Inmarsat is proud to be a collaborator with the CIC, providing information on space capabilities to increase commercial partners’ understanding of unique Department of Defense requirements.

As the satellite industry continues to prove its criticality, we understand the importance of collaborating with other satellite communications (SATCOM) providers to ultimately support the integration of a multi-domain, seamless SATCOM architecture across several combatant commands.

Total force

“When our commercial partners came to participate this year they left their companies’ badge at home and became part of the total force,” said Col. Scott D. Brodeur, Director, Combined Space Operations Center, and Commander, 614th Air Operations Center.

“They are a critical element of our integrated satellite communications and imagery architecture. We are proud to work alongside our commercial partners to protect our nations’ interests, and to protect the space domain for future generations to come.”

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