Congratulations to Inmarsat-sponsored World Solar Challenge team

Solar Team Twente has taken third place in the World Solar Challenge, the biennial solar-powered electric vehicle race from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia.

Four COBHAM Explorer 325 BGAN terminals were used by the Inmarsat-sponsored team from the Netherlands to supply race critical data and share information on social media.

The equipment has been vital in providing the team with a winning edge in the 40-strong competitor race across 1,864 miles (3,000km) of the wild landscape and terrain of Australia.

Vehicle performance
Scout vehicles for Team Twente's The Red Engine vehicle used BGAN to transmit data back to the decision making unit.

Data included weather telemetry, potential hazards along the route, road conditions, and details to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Information gathered was then used to map the best course for the team of 16 students.

Excitement unfolds
Team Twente was also able to use BGAN to relay the excitement of the race to fans and sponsors by posting images and videos on social media sites.

The importance and success of the equipment's role throughout the World Solar Challenge is evident in the race results for The Red Engine!

Whilst celebrations are under way for the teams that have already completed the race, Inmarsat extends its continued support to the University of Michigan's World Solar Car Team, which it is also sponsoring.

Global efforts
Following technical difficulties, the team has managed to rejoin the race and is currently in nineth position.

The World Solar Challenge aims to highlight global efforts to harness natural sources of energy.

For more details visit the race website.

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