Closer to astronauts in space than anyone on Earth

27 March 2015: When the Volvo Ocean Race boats passed Point Nemo in the Southern Ocean they were closer to astronauts on the International Space Station than anyone on Earth.

Yet no matter how remote the area, the crews were safe in the knowledge that they could rely on Inmarsat’s satellite communications to keep them connected with everyone ashore.

Their positions are fed back to Race HQ every 15 seconds for crew safety and our network also allows them to deliver high-definition content off the boats, including live video calls, so they can share their stories with fans all over the world.

Genny Tulloch, presenter of Inmarsat Inside Track – the Volvo Ocean Race YouTube  show – caught up with Chris McLaughlin, Inmarsat Senior Vice President Corporate Marketing & External Affairs, to find out why satellite communications are so critical for such a serious piece of ocean.

Watch this episode to discover what life looks like at the extreme and how Inmarsat makes communication with the boats possible using satellites over 36,000 km away in space.

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