Celebrating 15 years of humanitarian partnership

19 November 2015: Inmarsat is proud to celebrate 15 years of humanitarian partnership with Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), the only NGO specialising in emergency telecoms.


Our work with TSF began in 2000 and today we continue to provide them with airtime and financial aid to support the critical work they carry out.

Armed with Inmarsat satellite equipment, TSF teams are deployed wherever natural disaster or conflict has knocked out terrestrial or mobile networks, to set up first responder telecom centres and humanitarian calling operations.

Vital connectivity

To date, our connectivity has been relied upon in the aftermath of some of the most harrowing and devastating events in over 70 countries, including the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines in 2013, and the 2005 Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.

“Safety is at the heart of what we do at Inmarsat, which is why we’re honoured to be able to support TSF with vital connectivity – putting people in touch with loved ones and enabling critical emergency response to be coordinated in times of a disaster,” said Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce.

“When people’s lives are in danger it quickly becomes apparent how crucial the ability to communicate is. TSF can be assured that wherever and whenever they need connectivity, they can depend upon our reliable, global network for a communications lifeline.”

Emergency response

Beyond reconnecting families, our satellite communications are also used to improve the emergency response of more than 800 humanitarian organisations and United Nations agencies, coordinate healthcare, distribute life-saving supplies, and provide eHealth and eLearning post-emergency support.

“Inmarsat’s commitment, as well as its equipment and technology, is essential for our work – it allows us to arrive in the field and set up the latest in satellite communications technology in the first hours following a disaster, when the most lives can be saved,” says TSF President and co-founder Jean-François Cazenave

For more information about Inmarsat and TSF’s partnership go to: inmarsat.com/humanitarian-support