ARINC Direct to provide GX Aviation for business jets

ARINC Direct has signed an agreement with Honeywell to provide Inmarsat GX Aviation services and custom applications to the business aviation industry.

Honeywell is the designated business aviation reseller for GX Aviation Ka-band services.

GX Aviation will utilize Ka-band satellites to provide much higher broadband speeds than existing services, and consistent global coverage.

Global coverage
The first GX satellite is on schedule to be available to support a launch as early as December 2013, with full global coverage scheduled to be achieved by the end of 2014.

“We are pleased to start providing a new generation of high-speed broadband connections to our customers,” said David Stanley, Senior Director at ARINC Direct.

“This exciting technology will benefit both our existing and new customers.”

Streaming data
Faster speeds will give business jet operators, owners and passengers the ability to work and be entertained while in the air.

They will have access to streaming data, ranging from music and movies to social apps, business tools and cloud applications.

GX Aviation will revolutionise how pilots communicate with each other and air traffic control. They will be able to streamline flight preparation and other non-flight critical information in real time.

Software updates
The agreement with Honeywell provides ARINC Direct with the ability to sell GX Aviation subscription service packages to business aviation operators.

In addition to airtime, ARINC Direct plans to develop innovative applications and services ranging from entertainment and easily accessible software updates and upgrades to technical aircraft maintenance and customer support.

ARINC Direct: