Amelia Earhart touches down over 75 years later

14 July 2014: More than 75 years after Amelia Earhart disappeared over the South Pacific, her namesake Amelia Rose Earhart has successfully circumnavigated the globe and symbolically completed her heroine’s fateful journey.


Amelia Rose touched down in Metro Oakland International airport, California, USA, on 12 July, just 18 days after starting out on the 24,300 nautical miles voyage on 25 June.

Inmarsat’s global satellite coverage has enabled Amelia to document and share the remarkable adventures of her epic flight, which took her all around the world from California to Brazil, the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Singapore and the Pacific Islands.

Staying connected

She has been able to regularly stay in touch with family and friends, and post updates on social media in-between flights. Inmarsat provided an IsatPhone Pro satellite phone and a BGAN terminal.

“It has been an extraordinary journey, during which I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, experience incredible destinations and inspire a renewed interest in aviation and adventure,” said Amelia Rose.

The inspiration for Amelia Rose’s round-the-world flight was not only to honour the memory of Amelia Earhart but to also highlight her Fly with Amelia Foundation.

Purse adventures

The non-profit organisation provides flight scholarships for young women aged 16-18; builds science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) based educational curriculums, and engages people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their own adventures.

“I am thrilled that we have been able to play a role in Amelia’s project,” said Miranda Mills, Senior Vice President Aviation of Inmarsat.

“It is a fantastic way of raising awareness of a very important cause: the future of our industry. Amelia is making aviation appealing for tomorrow’s designers, engineers and pilots, and that is one of the most important things any of us can do.”

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