An effective and efficient response

With millions of people throughout the world keeping instantly informed, reporting and engaging in debate via social media, governments also need to be aware of the issues concerning citizens and be able to respond effectively and efficiently.

For crisis management, urgent briefings and community engagement, heads of state and key government representatives need to be in touch at all times, regardless of the availability of terrestrial and cellular networks. Inmarsat’s satellite network means you can take your office with you, and the availability and dependability of our services mean the impact of major events on communications can be minimised.

On land, at sea or in the air our BGAN, FleetBroadband and SwiftBroadband services provide reliable, secure simultaneous voice and broadband data enabling email, video conferencing and data transfers at the same time.

And to meet the highest levels of information assurance we provide both an IP and ISDN infrastructure that enables secure end-to-end communications.

SwiftBroadband – heads of state are increasingly depending on Inmarsat’s SwitBroadband service to enable multi-channel and airborne routing, providing demarcation between areas of the plane and support defined zones of usage, particularly cabin and cockpit.

Unified PTT solutions designed specifically for Heads of State, VIP clients can to provide complete convoy connectivity through a solution that combines the power of LTAC and BGAN. The unified solution allows interoperability between national operations centres, mobile command centres, static venues and convoy communications vehicles.

Global Xpress completes our suite of comms and is the world’s first globally available, high-speed mobile broadband service, delivered through a single network operator. The Honeywell Jetwave Global Xpress solution is currently being evaluated and installed for use in a number of VIP airborne platforms.