19 February 2020 - 19 February 2020

Smart Maritime Network – Rotterdam

The aim of the Smart Maritime Network is to change the industry mindset on interoperability, standardisation and harmonisation in maritime technology.

A series of global conferences throughout 2020 sponsored by Inmarsat will promote the benefits of enhanced integration within the maritime and transport logistics sectors, informing on technological developments and innovations, and providing opportunities for business development and knowledge sharing.

Through presentations and panel discussions, they will take a particularly close look at the advantages of data sharing and exchange between all strategic elements of the supply chain value proposition – namely shipping, ports, terminals and logistics companies.

At the first event in the series, being held in Rotterdam, Gerbrand Schalkwijk, Deputy President and COO of Inmarsat Maritime, will speak in the opening session on Developing a Framework and Standards for Interoperability, which will review attempts to provide better ways to approach complex challenges and create a more streamlined and efficient industry and look at the benefits. Gerbrand will focus on Internet of Things (IoT) innovation for enhanced cross-industry connectivity.

Inmarsat is sponsoring a networking party for delegates following the conference.