18 September 2019 - 19 September 2019

Shipping2030 Asia

Shipping2030 Asia in Singapore will bring together visionaries and innovators from both inside and outside the industry to share their ideas and innovations for the future. Delegates will be able to find out about new revenue streams, how to build the smart fleet of tomorrow, and ways of embracing digital disruption for their benefit.

Inmarsat Senior Manager, Sector Development Richard Lim will be taking part in two sessions on day one. Hiding in Plain Sight is the future ship management ecosystem just waiting to be connected? will consider the focus on innovation which has driven a frenzy of digital solutions all aimed at optimising niche areas of operation, although a huge number of ship operators have neither the time nor expertise to stitch them together. But is the blueprint for the new digital shipping ecosystem there, just waiting to align and connect?

Later, Richard will present and share insights on Smart Connected Vessels and Fleets.