15 October 2018 - 17 October 2018

Mines and Technology Americas

Mining companies are beginning to focus their investment on digital to maximise yield and improve operational efficiencies. At Mines and Technology Americas, they will be able to source solutions to future-proof mining and drive performance across the industry.

Inmarsat Mining Development Director Joe Carr will be giving a presentation at 11:30 on 16 October on IIoT investment and ROI amongst Canadian and Australian mining businesses.

Mining businesses investing in Industrial Internet of Things technologies (IIoT) are starting to see tangible benefits, and the businesses putting more in, are getting more out, with these rates set to intensify in the next few years.

Mining organisations based in Canada and Australia represent the two most progressive countries in terms of their relationship with IIoT, and make useful case studies for adoption levels, investment, business benefits and return on investment.

Inmarsat Enterprise will also be exhibiting at the Toronto event, demonstrating how our M2M and BGAN services can deliver the reliable connectivity remote mining operations need to fully exploit the benefits of IIoT.