Stay in constant contact

Out in the field installation engineers and maintenance crews need to stay in touch with their support teams back in the office. This is easy in towns and cities, but is often an issue in remote and rural areas.

With BGAN and IsatPhone Pro your employees in the field are always contactable. They can stay in regular contact with headquarters, receiving instructions for the next job or downloading technical specifications that might otherwise have forced a return to base.

Increase workforce productivity

Reliable broadband access to your corporate networks means you can send and receive emails and text messages, and large files such as photographic and video images – useful in remote diagnosis of damage. You can even join videoconferences.

All this speeds up decision-making. If necessary you can get immediate input from specialists in distant offices, sharing data and images with them in real time.

Field engineers can send progress reports, update job orders and schedule work, as well as chasing suppliers and contractors while they’re on the move.

Stay connected even while driving

BGAN is also accessible on-the-move using vehicular terminals – ideal for when field workers need to receive data while travelling to the next job.

How to set up BGAN – Backpack to Broadband in 3 Minutes

IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, offers crystal-clear and cost-effective calling when you don’t need BGAN’s data capability. Docking stations are available for in-car and indoor use, and you can send your GPS location in a text or email.

Stay fully contactable and productive in the field:
  • With BGAN Standard IP you have an always-available connection, but you only pay for the amount of data you send and receive
  • Password and SIM card protection ensure only authorised staff have access
  • Vehicular BGAN terminals take up minimal interior space with a discrete tracking antenna mounted on the car roof for actual comms-on-the-move
  • Flexible pricing packages are available depending on length of use and volume of data
  • IsatPhone Pro has been purpose-built for the Inmarsat-4 network, giving you dependable, clear voice telephony, wherever your mobile workforce is located
  • Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability, ensuring always-available connectivity.

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