Continuous monitoring and control

Electricity companies can deploy BGAN M2M along their power distribution lines as a primary link in remote areas and as a secondary link in areas covered by terrestrial and cellular networks.

This enables you to continuously monitor your entire distribution network for voltage fluctuations, outages and peaks in service demand. Should demand spike or a fault develop, you can then remotely control reclosers and other devices to re-route the power supply.

Depend on our network

Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so connectivity with all the devices in your distribution network is maintained – even during extreme weather and following natural disasters.

Easy to install and maintain

BGAN M2M terminals are plug and play – easy for your own field teams and integrators to install. Terminals come in a durable housing for long-term outdoor, unmanned deployment, and can be mounted on buildings or high up on poles to prevent damage by wild animals or vandals.

Ensure data security

Data security is assured through encrypted private networks that comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation specifications. Password and SIM card protection ensure only authorised staff have access.

Environmental monitoring organsation trials BGAN M2M

Since making this video, NIWA have adopted BGAN M2M for use in their monitoring operations

For automated control across your entire distribution network:
  • BGAN M2M provides automated monitoring and control of reclosers, switches and other distribution devices, 24/7, across 100 per cent of your utility
  • The service  delivers two-way IP data, is compatible with next-generation systems and integrates seamlessly with legacy equipment
  • BGAN M2M ensures data security through encrypted private networks
  • Power consumption is low and batteries, if used, recharge from a solar panel
  • BGAN M2M terminals are designed for long-term, unmanned outdoor use and can withstand challenging environments and extreme temperatures
  • Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so continuous visibility of your distribution lines is assured.

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