Staying in touch with family and friends

Inmarsat’s voice and data services make it easier for your remote employees and contractors to remain in contact with family and friends when working away from home for long periods of time.

Our BGAN Link service delivers broadband connectivity, while IsatPhone Link is a low-cost, high-quality, fixed line phone service.

With pre-paid airtime cards for voice and data access, your remote staff can phone home, send emails and text messages, and access the internet during their free time. Enabling your people to communicate as they do back home helps keep morale high and improves employee retention.

Foster community relations

You can give something back to the community around your mining site by providing BGAN Link or IsatPhone Link services to deliver a dedicated internet access or phone facility to local residents.

Maintain morale and productivity:
  • IsatPhone Link is a low-cost, fixed, global satellite phone service supporting voice calls, texting, short emails, GPS location and low-rate data
  • BGAN Link enables staff to send and receive emails, texts, photos, and to access social networking sites
  • Affordable pre-paid airtime cards let staff and contractors go online during their free time as they would back home
  • Airtime cards can be fully or partially subsidised as an employee or community benefit
  • The BGAN and IsatPhone Link terminals are rugged and well-adapted for use in rough terrain and hostile climates.

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