The challenges

Mine tailings are recognised as a huge environmental problem and represent a significant risk to mining operators.

The status and condition of tailings dams need to be constantly monitored in order to ensure safe operations and to avoid catastrophic environmental damage and resulting revenue loss. Against a backdrop of serious tailing dam failures, regulators are under pressure from governments and the international community to start imposing stricter rules on companies.

Dams are often built away from the mine, so even mining sites with reliable connectivity face problems with communications as well as distance, making sensor data collection and transfer inconsistent and difficult. There are also issues with handling data from manual and remote sources and managing multiple technology and connectivity providers. Combined, these present a challenging landscape for global mining operators.

Our solution

The Inmarsat Tailings Dam Monitoring Solution is a satellite-enabled managed service that delivers a new level of visibility, allowing businesses, auditors and regulators to view every data point, from every dam you have, on one dashboard for a single monthly fee.

The solution collects data from a range of industry standard sensors via edge connectivity, such as LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network), before it is transferred across Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network to a single cloud dashboard. This enables mining companies and national regulators to gain a comprehensive view of the status of their dams with granular metrics such as pond elevation, piezometric pressures, inclinometer readings and weather conditions displayed in one place.

  • Cloud dashboard with real-time monitoring – view condition changes in real time and react accordingly with alert functionality, audit history, interoperable APIs and data export.
  • Global coverage – thanks to our global satellite network and our distributed regional presence, our solution and support are available wherever your tailings site is located.
  • Rapid deployment – after initial scoping engagements, our solution can be installed in a few days provided the site has compatible instruments. Different situations may take longer.
  • Managed service – low installation cost on an ongoing monthly operational expenditure basis.
  • A single contract with one supplier – consolidate your global tailings monitoring suppliers and experience the same level of service anywhere in the world.
  • Continuous improvement methodology – we design, build, manage and evolve your solution as your needs change.
  • Secure data management – our solutions build in security from the ground up and feature 24/7/365 cyber-security surveillance.
  • Training provided – we ensure your team is trained to use the solution and to replace elements on site via a spares pack to minimise any downtime.
  • Sensor agnostic – our solution works with a range of instruments and sensors. Even sensors that are not currently integrated can be converted.
  • Emergency failover – our solution is designed to work standalone, separate from all site infrastructure. Even in the event of power and communications loss at a mine, tailings data will continue to be captured.
  • No prior infrastructure needed – all connectivity/power equipment required for the solution to work is provided. All we need is minor civil works on site to make an equipment base.
  • Industry-leading reliable connectivity – Inmarsat’s L-band constellation of satellites provides up to 99.9% uptime. We are trusted by governments and organisations to connect their mission-critical applications wherever they are.

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