Communicate up to the last day

Security and safety can easily be compromised during mine closures. BGAN is ideal once the boundary fences have come down and expensive installed equipment, including VSAT, has been removed.

With a couple of BGAN terminals for on-site data and an IsatPhone Pro or IsatPhone Link for voice connectivity, your remote teams can stay in contact with each other and with your control room up to the final minute.

Receive reliable data from every sensor

Accurate environmental monitoring depends on reliable readings from every sensor at each of your closed mines. Inmarsat’s BGAN and BGAN M2M services ensure regular, cost-effective transmission of this data.

All you need is a single BGAN or BGAN M2M terminal at each data collection point. These terminals are rugged, low maintenance, easy to install and can be operated remotely.

You can automatically collect and transmit data on air, soil and water toxins, pH levels and other information essential to monitoring the impact of recent extraction activities.

Save travel costs and time

Your experts can remotely analyse all the data collected from the comfort of their offices. No longer do they need to travel to each of the mines to collect this information in person.

Enjoy low set-up costs and flexible packages

BGAN and BGAN M2M have been developed as an affordable alternative to cellular networks and flexible packages are available depending on the typical amount of data sent and length of time the units are deployed.

Included is all the software you need for each of your collection sensors to interface with systems in your data centre.

Reliable, constant voice and data with BGAN and BGAN M2M:
  • BGAN and BGAN M2M are delivered over our Inmarsat-4 satellites, which operate with 99.9 per cent overall network availability, so monitoring the environmental impact of your closed projects is uninterrupted
  • Use BGAN and BGAN M2M to avoid congestion or failure during extreme weather conditions, such as sandstorms and heavy rain
  • Terminals are quick and easy to set up and shut down, with no technical expertise or training required
  • Terminals are small and lightweight, but also rugged and well-adapted for use in rough terrain and hostile climates for long-term unmanned deployments
  • Power consumption is low and batteries, if used, are easy to recharge using portable solar panels or a vehicular charger
  • Significantly lower costs for terminals and airtime, with no set-up costs.

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