Keep your people and assets safe

BGAN can be connected to CCTV and equipment sensors for remote surveillance, ensuring your sites remain secure and that you can raise the alarm immediately if intruders are spotted trying to enter.

On receiving a real-time alert of an incident or emergency, using BGAN you can review live video images of the scene from anywhere in the world. And with BGAN M2M, you can program the terminal to send photos from the site at regular intervals.

As well as helping you comply with health and safety and insurance obligations, the enhanced security also gives your on-site personnel greater peace of mind.

Diagnose issues in real time

With a video camera on site you can use BGAN to stream live images of mechanical failure, which an expert thousands of miles away can diagnose in real time. Not only can they see the detail, but with two-way audio they can direct the camera operator for close-ups of damage and also test potential solutions on the spot.

Enjoy cost-effective communications

We recognise our end-customers require best value from BGAN and BGAN M2M services, and flexibility in how they use them. As a result, we’ve made the full suite of services available in a highly cost-effective package, or ‘money bundle’, giving you the confidence to budget accurately for your remote communications, while increasing operational efficiency.

Cost-effective visibility of your remote assets:
  • Monitor your remote assets centrally, wherever they are located
  • Helps comply with safety and insurance obligations
  • Stream live video or send photos in near real time using BGAN
  • As an alternative, use BGAN M2M to send pictures at set intervals
  • BGAN terminals run off mains power, or batteries that recharge quickly using a portable solar panel
  • The BGAN M2M terminal has been designed for long-term, unmanned deployment
  • Terminals are small and lightweight, but also rugged and well-adapted for use in rough terrain and hostile climates
  • Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate with 99.9 per cent overall network availablity, so remote personnel and assets can be constantly monitored.

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