Mine sites are often located in remote areas where terrestrial cellular or fibre connectivity doesn’t reach, is unreliable or is located in a limited area around the pit. In the past this may have been more of an inconvenience than a critical challenge, but in age of digitalisation and IoT, connectivity is fundamental for efficient operations. Mines can either try to invest in bringing in terrestrial connectivity at huge expense or look toward satellite connectivity.

Inmarsat offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions to help support your in-life mine operations. Ranging from services like Global Xpress (GX), offering broadband speeds and perfect for data intensive applications, to our ultra-reliable Broadband Global Area Network BGAN service which enables IoT and backup, to our small form IDP terminal which is perfect for vehicle and asset tracking, we work with you to deliver the right mix to support your needs. Along with edge technologies, cloud dashboards and differing levels of management, we will help you mine more efficiently, more safely and more sustainably.

Fleet management

Large fleets of vehicles are common across mine sites. Often dispersed and difficult for fleet managers to keep track of, they can be prone to breakdown, theft and inefficient usage. Efficient fleet management requires reliable connectivity to ensure there is complete transparency, not just for positioning but also for key metrics such as speed, braking force and fuel consumption across your fleet.

Inmarsat enables your fleet managers to understand where vehicles are at all times with our IDP and BGAN services. These highly reliable L-band services ensure that you never experience blind spots where your fleet goes out of range of cellular coverage, and can be integrated with a variety of dashboards to create a solution displaying location and key vehicular metrics so you can understand driver behaviour.

Enabling automation and remote operation

In areas with little or no cellular connectivity, miners are challenged when it comes to accessing the benefits of automation, relying on either inefficient manual operation of machinery or automation processes that stop and start as connectivity cuts in and out.

Underpinned by Inmarsat’s GX and BGAN connectivity, our Autonomous Backhaul Solution allows mining companies to automate assets in areas without terrestrial connectivity, without the need to build mobile or fibre infrastructure. In addition to enhanced safety, the solution can function as a backup in the event of network failure, ensuring business continuity and protecting the progress of your business.

Business continuity

Many mines suffer from erratic connectivity with outages bringing operations to a grinding halt. Losing connectivity can dramatically impact revenues and lead to safety issues, yet many mining companies do not have adequate provisions in place to ensure business carries on as usual.

Inmarsat provides dedicated resilient backup connectivity so that if any other connectivity type of provider fails your operation continues to function as usual. Our L-band service network has availability up to 99.9% and is trusted by governments and militaries, ships and planes to keep going when everything else fails. We can provide backup for fixed or mobile assets, single applications or the mine in totality.

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