Remain connected and productive

BGAN ensures connectivity in remote and inaccessible areas, even when terrestrial and VSAT networks are congested or fail. This makes it an ideal back-up for voice and data communications in day-to-day mining operations.

Each of your sites needs just a single, easy-to-store BGAN terminal that can be instantly set up during incidents and emergencies.

Once set up, BGAN guarantees broadband and high-quality voice over the global Inmarsat-4 satellites, so your remote teams remain connected and operations continue uninterrupted.

Use as cost-effective, semi-permanent comms

In semi-permanent sites, when investment in terrestrial or VSAT networks is not practical, BGAN or BGAN Link can meet your primary comms needs.

BGAN’s voice and broadband data capability can meet all your connectivity requirements, including telephone, email and SMS text messaging, as well as access to the internet and corporate applications, and high-end applications such as videoconferencing.

Get remote assistance

With BGAN, you can speed up the diagnosis during equipment failures. Instead of flying experts to your remote sites, head office engineers and other experts can view equipment issues from their own desks – via a streamed high-quality video link – and simultaneously speak with the person filming the issue, for on-the-spot analysis and resolution.

Ensure your remote sites stay connected:
  • Using BGAN, up to 10 people can simultaneously make voice calls, send emails, videoconference, share site videos and imagery, and access the internet and corporate networks
  • Our Inmarsat-4 satellites operate with 99.9 per cent overall network availability, so downtime is minimised and remote personnel are assured of connectivity when primary communications fail
  • Extremely robust terminals can withstand challenging environments and extreme temperatures
  • Quick and easy to set up and shut down, with no technical expertise or training required
  • Compatible with a wide range of solutions – wireless routers, VPNs, thin-client software, FTP applications
  • BGAN supports both ISDN and IP and integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure
  • Affordable, with no set-up costs and competitive pricing of terminals
  • Flexible airtime pricing packages, depending on volume of data used and length of time
  • Password and SIM card protection to ensure only authorised staff have access.

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