Exploration presents an array of organisational challenges, from navigating remote regions and crossing borders and safety and security risks to getting samples analysed quickly and maintaining communications with base. All of these instances are exacerbated without reliable connectivity, which is a challenge itself in many places where resource exploration occurs.

Inmarsat helps you remedy these problems by making connectivity simple, wherever you might be. Our service portfolio includes Global Xpress (GX), the first high-speed broadband network from a single operator to span the world. Other services ideal for exploration teams include Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) and IsatPhone 2, allowing teams to remain in constant contact with each other and the outside world. We also offer managed solutions, simplifying the delivery and support of services and hardware for a monthly fee, so you deal with just one global connectivity provider and are assured of connectivity wherever you go.

Drilling analytics

Drilling is a key aspect of the exploration process, but when faced with limited connectivity it can be a challenge to communicate key geological data back to HQ. In some cases, teams resort to sending a member of staff with a hard drive containing data back to base for it to be analysed, resulting in a significant business disadvantage. Delays and barriers to this process prevent informed decisions from being made and strategic moves from being carried out, resulting in failure to achieve optimal revenues.

As well as connecting drills operated in active pits, Inmarsat also connects drills used in the exploration process. Inmarsat’s BGAN and GX services enable teams to transmit data to control rooms in real time, eliminating time wastage and ensuring that decision makers are equipped with the data to make faster, more informed decisions.

Managed services for resource exploration

Another key challenge in the exploration process comes with teams regularly having to cross borders between countries, forcing mining companies to switch between connectivity suppliers and contracts to keep their lines of communication open. This approach incurs a great deal of wasted time caused by setting up new accounts with new providers, resulting in inefficiencies.

Inmarsat’s Resource Exploration Solution has been designed as a managed service to alleviate the complexity associated with licensing and regulatory approvals, while also handling training and installation. Choose from a variety of Inmarsat’s connectivity services such as GX, BGAN or IsatPhone 2, and we will handle the complexity, ensuring you benefit from the connectivity wherever your operations take you.

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