The challenges

Reliable connectivity is critical to supporting data-driven analysis that may make the difference between success and failure in mineral exploration.  It is also essential for monitoring the safety of the remote workforce to ensure health and safety regulatory compliance, and to keep morale and efficiency high by giving employees a link to the outside world.

For mining companies beginning the process, the only equipment and airtime available in-region is often not fit for purpose. But being required to work with different satellite connectivity providers in different regions brings its own problems – from lack of equipment uniformity hampering data collection to the administrative burden of managing the import/export and licensing of kit and airtime.

Our solution

With Inmarsat’s Resource Exploration Solution, you can choose from our industry-leading satellite data services, Global Xpress (GX) and BGAN, to provide the mobile connectivity you need for every stage of the exploration process – from prospecting to de-risking – and every communication need.

Our IsatPhone 2 satellite phone handsets ensure you can talk anywhere on the go, while IsatData Pro offers vehicle and asset tracking options. All of these services are available to be centrally procured and managed for deployment globally as part of a managed service.

  • Accelerated decision making – receive and send data files instantly to inform crucial investment and planning decisions in timeframes that will make a real difference.
  • Robust and reliable equipment – choose from compact portable, fixed and vehicular terminals suitable for the most remote locations and extreme environments.
  • Connecting you anywhere – Inmarsat’s geostationary satellite network delivers highly resilient, mobile communications services across the world.
  • Managed service – due to our scale we can offer our solutions with a low installation cost on an ongoing monthly operational expenditure basis.
  • A single contract with one supplier – a one-stop global communications solution.
  • Continuous improvement methodology – we design, build, manage and evolve your solution as your needs change.
  • Secure data management – our solutions build in security from the ground up and feature 24/7/365 cybersecurity surveillance.
  • Training provided – Inmarsat or one of our approved partners will train your team to use the solution and to replace elements on site via a spares pack to minimise any downtime.
  • Emergency failover – our solution is designed to work standalone, separate from all site infrastructure. Even in the event of power and communications loss at a mine, data will continue to be captured.

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