Reliable connectivity is essential in optimising global supply chains. Your stakeholders need to understand the movements of consignments to ensure efficiencies, so you can minimise the risk of theft and ensure the people transporting it are safe. All too often trains and ships move through areas without reliable connectivity, resulting in accidents and inefficient operations which damage profitability as well as reputation.

Inmarsat is the world’s leading mobile satellite communications operator and is the only provider which can track your goods from pit to port to customer with ease. Our connectivity is found on most large vessels globally and we have extensive experience in providing rail connectivity in remote areas across the world. Miners trust us to deliver solutions addressing their connectivity challenges on site and through their global supply chain, delivering unparalleled transparency, safety and efficiency.


Many mines utilise rail to move raw or refined materials around the world. During these journeys, locomotives moving through remote regions have little or no connectivity, meaning the responsibility for the shipment’s safe delivery rests solely on an isolated team. Without visibility of other vehicles on the line, or communications with base, it easy for accidents to occur or for operations to slow to a crawl, decreasing profitability.

Inmarsat offers a range of services and solutions to keep trains connected and operating safely in areas lacking terrestrial connectivity. Our IDP and Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) L-band services are highly reliable and enable telemetry services, as well as enabling Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality. BGAN’s high level of reliability also makes it perfect for automating and remotely controlling trains removing the need for human workers.


Much of the global mineral output is transported by sea, either to mills for further processing or direct to end customers for use in manufacturing. Predicting when new consignments of minerals will arrive into port is a challenge for manufacturers or commodities brokers, particularly when large numbers of ships are trying to get into busy ports. The result is too much of a commodity or too little, interfering with manufacturing processes and causing reputational damage and decreasing profitability.

Inmarsat can help you and your supply chain understand where your shipments are at all times, enabling smarter decision-making and developing more transparency and trust in your supply chain. As the world’s largest provider of ship connectivity and safety services, talk to us to understand how we can help you optimise your maritime distribution networks.

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