With BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, geophysicists, geologists, engineers and other mining specialists can share data and make decisions in real time, cutting exploration rates and saving money.

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Site construction

From day one of site construction, well before permanent communications are installed, BGAN can provide your teams with essential voice and broadband connectivity so they can access office applications, send reports and receive instructions, track deliveries, and video conference with colleagues back at head office.

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Maintain operations

You can depend on Inmarsat connectivity – even when other satellite systems are congested or fail. Our network operates at 99.9 per cent availability, even in severe weather, ensuring your site remains connected and productive.

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Welfare communications

BGAN Link and IsatPhone Link are relatively low-cost ways of keeping workers in touch with friends and family while they're away from home, helping to maintain morale.

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Remote surveillance

You can use CCTV to monitor your mining operations in real time via BGAN. Should an incident occur – such as mechanical failure or a security threat – experts can assess the damage from the control centre rather than travelling to the site or relying on local personnel to report.

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Site closure

Maintain safety and security in the final days of site closure, even after the boundary fences and expensive telecoms equipment are gone. BGAN and BGAN M2M can also be used to monitor the ongoing environmental impact of your extraction activities.

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