Safety and sustainability

Mining operations have long been focused on Zero Harm for workers and the surrounding environment. The industry recognises that technology will play a crucial role in achieving its safety goals. Inmarsat’s heritage is safety services and we are bringing this expertise to the mining sector, delivering ultra-reliable connectivity and solutions with safety in mind. With our help companies can not only better manage on-site safety, but also comply with environmental governance and fulfil their corporate social licence to operate.

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Exploration takes teams into challenging, remote environments from where it is difficult to analyse and relay data without the support of a global satellite network. Inmarsat provides this level of connectivity with high-speed broadband, improving data-handling and communication capabilities to inform enhanced decision making.

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A connected mine is a smarter mine. Whether you need to monitor vehicle telemetry data from trucks on site or understand the performance of your excavators, Inmarsat’s connectivity services and bespoke solutions enable you to react quickly to efficiency risks like breakdowns and to take strategic action to keep operations moving at all times.

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Tracking a consignment from pit to port, or direct to a customer, requires seamless, reliable mobile connectivity for rail and ship. Inmarsat’s connectivity helps enable automation, telemetry, theft prevention and cabin communications, ensuring your consignment arrives safely on time, in the right condition and that you have visibility over its entire journey.

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