Supplement live streaming

On demand news depends on a constant stream of content. BGAN gives newsgatherers the ability to meet that demand and file pre-recorded content that has been edited or rough cut.

With BGAN, journalists and camera crews can shoot, edit, store, and then forward content back to base for broadcast immediately or inclusion in a later bulletin.

Forwarding pre-recorded footage to the studio is easy and cost-effective using BGAN’s Standard IP service, instead of the dedicated Streaming IP connection used for live audio and video.

BGAN – one solution for all your video reporting needs:
  • With BGAN Standard IP you have an always-available connection, but only pay for the amount of data you send and receive
  • BGAN is tested and optimised to work with all major broadcast media applications
  • BGAN is easy to set up and an online connection can be established in minutes, with no technical expertise or training required
  • BGAN is accessible worldwide using rugged, hand-portable and vehicular terminals
  • Affordable with no set-up costs
  • Competitively priced terminals and a choice of high-value and flexible airtime packages, plus no set-up costs
  • BGAN uses the award-winning Inmarsat-4 satellites, which operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so connectivity is assured as news teams move from one breaking story to another.

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