File stories wherever the news is breaking

With BGAN, reporters can load their stories and pictures directly into their website’s content management system from wherever the news is breaking, regardless of the local telecoms infrastructure.

Freelance photographers can use BGAN to upload their latest photos to a picture library as high-quality images for sale to the highest bidder, or send them to editors on spec. Being among the first to do so means you can charge a premium, and gives you a great competitive advantage.

Stay in the field

Because they no longer need a terrestrial broadband connection, journalists with BGAN can stay at the scene and set up a mobile broadband office with voice, email, internet access and videoconferencing, so they can continue to report on events as they unfold.

The smallest BGAN terminal weighs less than a kilo and easily fits inside a backpack alongside your MacBook. It takes less than five minutes to set up and connect to your newsroom.

Enjoy peace of mind

For extra peace of mind both BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, pinpoint your exact location – so you can let colleagues know precisely where you are.

Stay in contact

Use IsatPhone Pro for calls back to the studio and to stay in touch with family when you’re away. The service is accessible worldwide, so you can depend on it for your voice communications, wherever the news takes you.

Be the first to publish breaking news with BGAN:
  • Establish voice and broadband data connectivity in less than five minutes with BGAN
  • Although small and light enough to be carried in hand luggage, BGAN terminals are rugged and well-adapted for use in rough terrain and hostile climates
  • Power consumption is low and batteries are easy to recharge using a solar panel or vehicular charger
  • The BGAN service is quick and easy to set up and shut down, with no technical expertise or training required
  • Our award-winning Inmarsat-4 satellites operate at 99.9 per cent availability, with global coverage so you can send your photos and stories from wherever the news is breaking.

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