Access HQ apps in the field

BGAN enables you to easily set up a mobile broadband office with voice and broadband data connectivity and keep in contact 24/7 with colleagues back in the newsroom.

Just like your colleagues you can make phone calls, text and email, as well as accessing the intranet and corporate applications you need to file stories.

BGAN also enables you to send in hi-res images, join videoconferences, transfer files or stream live video. Plus you have reliable access to the internet for research and keeping up with how other broadcasters are covering the story.

Report live on-the-move

Sometimes the story demands that you move between locations. With vehicular BGAN, you can continue to file reports from your vehicle while travelling. And with BGAN X-Stream on-the-pause, you can send high quality, live video from your stationary vehicle.

Enjoy peace of mind

For extra peace of mind BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, pinpoint your exact location, so you can let your colleagues know where you are.

BGAN and BGAN M2M can be connected to CCTV for remote surveillance of your ‘mobile office’ when journalists are out covering stories, helping to deter intruders and ensure equipment doesn’t vanish.

Stay in contact

Use IsatPhone Pro for quick voice calls back to the studio and newsroom when you’re out on location, or to stay in touch with family.

Quickly set up a BGAN office to cover a major story:
  • With BGAN your remote team can send emails and texts, access the internet and corporate applications, join videoconferences, stream live video, send hi-res images, and store and forward videos
  • BGAN terminals run off mains power or batteries that are quick and easy to recharge using a portable solar panel or vehicle charger
  • BGAN is quick and easy to set up and shut down, with no technical expertise needed
  • Our services are delivered via our Inmarsat-4 satellites which operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so your remote bureaux can keep the world updated on news stories and events as they unfold
  • IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, supports high-quality voice, text, voicemail, short email, GPS location and data transfers of up to 20kbps
  • Send reports on-the-move with vehicular BGAN and transmit live with BGAN X-Stream on-the-pause.

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