Stream audio live within minutes

BGAN offers a portfolio of on-demand, guaranteed Streaming IP rates. The 32kbps and 64kbps data rates are ideal for radio journalists who want to send live audio back to the studio from hard to reach places.

You can set up BGAN within minutes and be streaming live interviews and reports from disasters, war zones or sporting events.

BGAN terminals are rugged and small enough to fit in your backpack, along with your MacBook, digital recorder and microphone.

Enjoy peace of mind

For extra peace of mind, BGAN and IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, let you pinpoint your location so your colleagues know exactly where you are.

Stay in touch

Use IsatPhone Pro for quick voice calls back to the studio or to stay in touch with family while you’re away. The service is accessible worldwide, so you can depend on it for your voice communications, wherever the news takes you.

BGAN is all you need to send high-quality audio back to the studio:
  • BGAN is quick and easy to set up and shut down, with no technical expertise or training required
  • Establish a live audio streaming connection in less than five minutes
  • BGAN is fully tested and configured to work with leading professional audio applications and codecs
  • IsatPhone Pro, our handheld satellite phone, supports high-quality voice, text, voicemail, short emails, GPS location and data transfers up to 20kbps
  • BGAN and IsatPhone Pro are delivered via the Inmarsat-4 satellites, which operate at 99.9 per cent availability, so your live audio broadcasting is assured wherever the news is breaking.

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