Site scoping

Keep your remote teams connected while conducting preliminary studies and surveys with BGAN. They can share data and make decisions on the ground, saving time and money.

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Rapid site set-up

From the outset your project team can access all the applications they need to run the site – making voice calls, sending emails and text messages, streaming live videos, joining video conferences, and accessing the internet and your corporate network.

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Contractor independence

Multiple sub-contractors no longer need to book time on the central communications hub, but can make calls and send and receive data whenever they need to – saving time and freeing up resources.

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Asset security

Monitor your construction site in real time using BGAN. Should an incident occur, such as mechanical failure or a security breach, experts can assess the damage from afar or deploy on-site contractors to investigate.

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Welfare communications

BGAN and IsatPhone Link are affordable ways of showing you care for workers and local communities. Being away from family and friends for long periods is difficult, and providing the means for remote staff to stay in touch with home goes a long way to boosting morale.

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Primary back-up

BGAN ensures remote connectivity even when other, more permanent networks are congested or fail – perhaps during heavy rain, dust storms or earthquakes. Our network operates at 99.9 per cent availability and doesn’t drop out in severe weather, ensuring your sites stay connected and productive.

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