Set up a mobile broadband office

Your field workers can set up a mobile broadband office providing voice and data connectivity for up to 10 users simultaneously – with the same BGAN service they used in the initial response.

Once their office is set up, your field workers can be in 24/7 contact with their support team back at headquarters and with convoys bringing in food, tents, blankets and other equipment.

Access HQ apps in the field

Frontline staff can be talking on the phone, sending text messages, emailing, and accessing the internet and corporate applications – to do all that’s necessary to distribute aid efficiently.

BGAN also lets them join videoconferences and to send video of the situation as it unfolds, so you can help assess the situation and contribute to important decision-making.

And they can access geographic information systems for the latest data, such as the location of medical services, working water taps, open petrol stations and routes to food distribution points.

Enjoy peace of mind

When team members are travelling away from the mobile office, perhaps to assess the situation in outlying areas, they can use vehicular BGAN to stay in touch by phone and email.

For extra peace of mind BGAN lets you pinpoint their location so they, and you, always know where they are.

BGAN can even be connected to CCTV for remote surveillance to help protect your sites from intruders, and to ensure vital food and equipment do not vanish before you have a chance to distribute it.

BGAN supports aid delivery:
  • Quickly set up a mobile broadband office anywhere you need a temporary base to co-ordinate aid delivery
  • With BGAN you can connect field offices with corporate networks and headquarters teams 24/7
  • Send high volumes of time-critical situational data in real time
  • A single BGAN terminal can support up to 10 field workers simultaneously
  • Send and receive texts, emails, videos and data, or make voice calls
  • Maintain the security of your mobile office, along with supplies and equipment, by connecting BGAN to CCTV
  • Ensure the safety of your field workers using the location services included, as standard, with BGAN terminals and IsatPhone Pro.

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