Emergency response

We enable first responders to be on the phone with fresh updates as soon as they arrive, streaming live video of the disaster scene, sending real-time data on the rescue operations and connecting with other aid agencies to co-ordinate crisis relief.

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Disaster relief

Following the initial response, when focus shifts to meeting survivors’ basic needs, BGAN helps ensure you get aid to where it's needed most. Field workers can set up a mobile broadband office with the same BGAN service they used on arrival.

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Welfare communications

BGAN and IsatPhone Pro help your people stay safe and in constant touch while in the field. And in their free time they can phone family and friends and go online – just like they do back home.

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Sustainable development

How Inmarsat connectivity can enable successful delivery of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Post-disaster reconstruction

As the situation improves and you move into reconstruction mode, BGAN and IsatPhone Pro continue to provide essential connectivity for managing multiple development projects and for staying in touch when your field workers travel to remote areas.

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