Livestock farmers operating over large ranches and estates are challenged every day to maximise productivity, increase health and welfare and react quickly to adverse incidents to prevent losses.

There are many new technologies coming to market which allow live monitoring of animals and assets in the field. All these technologies depend on real time communications to get the data from field to platform, but many areas where livestock are farmed are by their nature remote and lacking in cellular connectivity.

Inmarsat helps you adopt the latest technology on your ranch or farm with the most cost effective connectivity solutions. We can work with you to design a solution or augment your current solution with the reliable connectivity you need to gain complete transparency and control.

Livestock monitoring

Your animals are often grazing over huge land areas, and with limited human resource on-hand, monitoring to maximise health and welfare and prevent hostile events such as predation and theft is often a huge challenge.

Inmarsat supports the remote monitoring of cattle through sensor technology enabled by our L-band, Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite service, which offers highly reliable connectivity in remote areas. Using this capability, farmers can monitor the whereabouts and health of their herds, allowing them to pinpoint and respond to potential risks quickly, resulting in enhanced yields and security.

Indoor animal monitoring

Maintaining optimum conditions in indoor animal systems such as those for poultry and pigs is vital to maximise growth. Monitoring key variables such as such as water levels, temperature, humidity, ammonia and CO2 in real-time allows you to ensure optimum conditions. However, many farms are located in areas without terrestrial connectivity, which is a barrier to real-time monitoring.

Inmarsat utilises our highly reliable satellite connectivity to enable real time monitoring and visibility of conditions. With our partners, we design dashboards and instrument solutions that share data with all the key stakeholders and set up alerts that notify you if a critical event occurs.

Remote water monitoring and control

Access to water for livestock is crucial, and farmers on large ranches typically spend large amounts of time and money frequently checking tanks, dams, troughs and other systems manually. Using our highly reliable satellite network, Inmarsat enables farmers to remotely monitor their systems wherever they are located, including water levels, system faults and usage trends. This enables huge efficiencies through less manual monitoring, peace of mind and better health and welfare for animals. Additionally, our services allow farmers to remotely control pumps, gates and other infrastructure allowing quicker responses to issues and fewer field visits.


Sea and freshwater farmers are constantly looking for innovative ways to accelerate growth of their stocks and improve efficiency. Maintaining optimum conditions is crucial, and this requires constant monitoring. However, many aquaculture farms are located in remote areas with low connectivity. Using its global satellite network, Inmarsat is enabling the industry to remotely monitor and control their installations, reducing costs and increasing yield.

Inmarsat’s aquaculture management solution enables farmers to remotely monitor and control conditions at their farms to produce optimum yields. All our solutions are built to your requirements and include real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia, temperature and salinity. Where systems allow, our connectivity allows you to remotely control your systems without visiting the site. Built on our highly reliable satellite network, we assure connectivity wherever your installations are located.

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