A wealth of digital technologies are fast being adopted by growers, which provide the ability to monitor fields remotely and improve productivity with objective data and information. However, to take advantage of this digital revolution agribusinesses must have access to reliable internet connectivity to get the data from field to platform. In addition, these data are most useful when aggregated into the same platform and in the hands of the people who need it most.

Inmarsat enables highly reliable connectivity for agribusinesses globally using our highly reliable, broadband speed, L-band services. From here we can build out end-to-end solutions or use our connectivity as an enabler for systems you already use.

Irrigation monitoring

Applying the correct amount of water according to individual crops needs is vital to maximise yield and quality. In the face of increasing pressure on surface and groundwater abstraction, as well as increasing episodes of extreme weather events such as droughts, it is vital that growers are able to accurately apply limited water resources when the crop needs it most. All this requires accurate field level data, which traditionally has involved regular field visits during the season. However, when farming crops cover large land areas this can soon become a costly approach, and often doesn’t provide the ability to respond quickly to changing environmental and crop conditions.

Our solution offers remote management of fields used for irrigation, including remote acquisition of data on soil moisture, weather and control of your irrigation system. This means you can maximise your yield and quality while reducing physical visits to the field, reduce nutrient losses and pollution, and comply with ever tougher regulation on water abstraction.

Machinery and vehicle monitoring

During critical operations such as planting and harvest, any disruption caused by machinery breakdown or a lack of co-ordination between teams ultimately leads to lost time and money. If you are operating downstream processing facilities such as sugar cane mills then ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of raw material from field to factory is key to achieving maximum efficiency.

Most modern machines, such as harvesters and logistics trucks, produce telemetry data that provide information to track maintenance needs and location, which in turn can help you manage front teams and prevent machinery breakdowns. However, plantations are often located in areas of unreliable or non-existent cellular coverage, which means that transferring these data and information in real-time is challenging. Inmarsat uses our highly reliable L-band Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite connectivity to aggregate data from machines in the field, and transfer it in real-time to your operations centre or HQ. This allows you to predict maintenance needs, prevent breakdowns before they happen and respond quickly to incidents in order to maintain throughput and operational efficiency.

Fire monitoring

Fires can begin and take hold rapidly, endangering crops, livestock and infrastructure, as well as risking the health and safety of staff and surrounding communities. Without a way of remotely monitoring and achieving total visibility, a great deal of damage can be done before you are able to react.

Inmarsat’s Fire Monitoring Solution incorporates our BGAN connectivity service to provide globally reliable coverage, providing you with real time alerts in the event of the outbreak of fire, anywhere on your estate.

Crop storage and logistics monitoring

Maintaining optimum conditions for crops, either in storage on-farm or during transit through the multi-modal supply chain, is vital in preventing post-harvest losses. Critical variables such as temperature and humidity can change quickly, affecting crop quality. However, most agribusinesses lack real-time visibility of these conditions, and so are unable to react quickly to optimise productivity.

Inmarsat’s crop storage and logistics solution allows growers and extended supply chain to remotely monitor crops in store, on land, sea and air. Our highly reliable, global satellite connectivity means we can give you visibility of your crops wherever they are. This allows you to optimise supply chain logistics and storage management to improve crop quality, ultimately leading to higher profitability.

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