The agricultural supply chain is vast and complex, making it highly difficult for farmers, agribusinesses and manufacturers to maintain visibility of critical dependencies at each stage in the process. A lack of visibility and control can lead to huge post-harvest losses, the inability to make accurate sustainability and provenance claims on products, and less ability to react to rapidly changing demand from customers or food safety incidents.

However, achieving this visibility is challenging due to the complexity of the global multi modal supply chain, with numerous stakeholders at each stage and a lack of digitalisation. In many cases agri-food businesses have little visibility of their consignments once they have left the farm gate. Inmarsat is in a unique position to provide this visibility, using our highly reliable satellite network and existing capability connecting the world’s ocean-going vessels, aircraft and land-based transportation. These services ensure that your assets are generating data wherever they are in the supply chain, so you can benefit from increased visibility and faster decision-making.

Fleet monitoring

Agribusinesses face the challenge of operating large, diverse fleets of vehicles that are difficult to manage. These challenges are compounded by the fact that they often operate across remote regions where connectivity is fragmented or non-existent.

Inmarsat offers a range of services, including IsatData Pro and BGAN M2M, to track vehicles in areas of low cellular coverage via our global network. We can build our connectivity into your systems or create a customised solution from scratch. We deliver key data such as location, vehicle weight, conditions in transit such as temperature and humidity, speed and braking force, providing granular insights into an integral layer of the supply chain.

Supply chain traceability

Implementing agricultural traceability will be key to the successful agribusinesses of the future. Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency over where their food has come from. Traceability also allows the rapid identification of the origin of food safety and other incidents, meaning quicker, more precise recalls and response should an issue be identified.

Inmarsat builds and manages custom solutions that enable manufacturers and producers alike to achieve total visibility of their assets, allowing interventions to be made to improve outcomes. Inmarsat’s ubiquitous L-band satellite connectivity and our presence on land, in the air and at sea positions us uniquely to help solve these problems and serve the global supply chain.

Cold chain monitoring

Keeping a temperature sensitive consignment within the optimal range throughout its entire journey is a huge challenge. Every year the industry loses billions to post-harvest loss as a result of sub-optimal conditions in transit.

Inmarsat enables you to monitor the conditions of your temperature sensitive consignments with L-band satellite connectivity that operates with up to 99.9% uptime. We work with you to use the latest sensor technology to monitor critical conditions in transit, including temperature, humidity and, if required, other key variables such as volatile organic compounds. With our solutions we deliver maximum transparency so you receive instant alerts when conditions fluctuate, and allow you to control them via a real time dashboard.

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