In an industry that prioritises efficiency, sustainability and the well-being of its crew, digitalisation is helping to completely transform Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) operations. Thanks to smart solutions that enable informed decision-making and enhance crew connectivity, there has been a growing upswing in data usage among OSVs.

Resilient and secure communications

Inmarsat offers an exceptional solution to meet this rising demand for data; one that provides the combined strength of multiple networks to ensure offshore fleets remain seamlessly connected around the clock. Whether it’s a vessel in offshore fields, coastal areas or somewhere in between, our high-speed, global satellite connectivity helps ensure always-on, reliable communications from a single trusted supplier.

The power of four networks

Fleet Xpress is our flagship Ka-band solution, designed for seamless global mobility, with automated satellite and beam switching. Working in tandem, our FleetBroadband solution provides the added resilience of unlimited L-band backup.

This unique combination of our Global Xpress Ka-band and ELERA L-band networks helps ensure not only high-speed connectivity but also guaranteed performance. It also offers vessel owners the flexibility to switch between the two networks depending on the demands of their high-end offshore operations.

In addition, Inmarsat Fleet LTE brings 4G offshore networks to the integrated solution, offering triple-band mobile terrestrial connectivity with 99.9% network availability guaranteed. With OSV vessels spending around 40% of their time near the shore, we know how important it is to be able to switch to shore-based LTE networks and only rely on satellite services only when LTE is unavailable.

Finally, Fleet Reach, our coastal LTE service optimised for Fleet Xpress, ensures dedicated high-speed connectivity where network traffic is high, such as ports, by making a seamless transition from satellite to mobile terrestrial networks. It automatically connects the vessel to the high-speed LTE up to 10 nautical miles from the coast, while constantly scanning signal quality to ensure the best connectivity is maintained all the way into the port.

The combined strength of 4G offshore networks and high speed, low latency satellite communications, provides OSV fleets with truly mobile connectivity specifically for the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.


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Fleet Xpress

Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network.

Fleet LTE

Continuous connectivity designed for the demands of offshore operations, with the combined strength of 4G LTE, Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband.


Globally dependable always-on satellite connectivity. Connecting the world’s fleets for over 12 years. 

Fleet Reach

Supercharge your port and coastal connectivity with LTE connectivity service.

Fleet Reach

Fleet LTE

Following our positive experience with Fleet LTE on board one of our vessels, we opted to roll the solution out across our entire fleet. Seamless communications across three modes of connectivity provided by one trusted partner, mean we can rest assured that our vessels are always connected, with no risk of drop out during transit, no hidden costs and no juggling multiple contracts.

Ove Gjerstad, QHSE Manager/ Chartering and Operation, Atlantic Offshore Management AS

Wide range of value-added services

Inmarsat also offers a comprehensive range of value-added satellite solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the offshore industry - enhancing crew welfare and safety onboard as well as improving operational efficiency for OSVs.

Elevate crew welfare with Fleet Hotspot: Provide your crew with high-speed internet access that operates independently of your vessel's bandwidth. Through Fleet Hotspot internet vouchers, you can reward your crew and improve retention rates, while keeping them connected.

Optimise operations with Fleet Data: Ship owners can harness the potential of our Fleet Data IoT data platform to make informed decisions, optimise performance, reduce fuel consumption and minimise emissions.

Bolster cybersecurity with Fleet Secure: Ensure peace of mind with Fleet Secure, a robust cybersecurity solution that proactively addresses potential threats on board your vessel, ensuring the safety of your crew and critical data.

Round-the-clock support with Fleet Care: Receive the benefit of our Fleet Care maintenance programme, offering 24/7 global access to maintenance, repair and remote support services for your vessel, ensuring continuous operational readiness.

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