European Aviation Network

Our unique, award-winning inflight broadband solution, with the fastest speed, highest capacity, lowest latency and most comprehensive coverage over Europe.

GX Aviation

Award winning inflight broadband solution with seamless high-speed global coverage provided through a single Wi-Fi service provider.

GX+ North America

An unparalleled inflight connectivity service that brings together a game-changing combination of unprecedented coverage, capacity, speed and reliability to North American airlines and their passengers.

Jet ConneX

Our business aviation inflight Wi-Fi solution sets the industry standard for reliability, with guaranteed data rates and affordable bandwidth upgrades.


Land Xpress (LX)

Our unrivalled satellite broadband service that helps land-based organisations build a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.


GX for Government

The global Ka-band network built with government customers’ specific needs in mind.


Fleet Xpress

Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network. 

Fleet LTE

Continuous connectivity designed for the demands of offshore operations, with the combined strength of 4G LTE, Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband.

Fleet Data

Strengthen business intelligence, reduce fuel emissions, enhance vessel performance, and save lives at sea with Fleet Data.

Fleet Hotspot

High-speed crew internet access made simple. No smartboxes, no administration and no interference with your vessel's bandwidth.