Inmarsat is a consortium partner with the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC). The £65 million world-leading facility is located next to Cranfield’s airport in the UK and consists of a central building containing a suite of digital aviation research laboratories and a partially covered ‘hangar laboratory’ connected to Cranfield’s 737-400 aircraft through an airport-style air bridge.

Researchers at DARTeC are working with industry partners to advance the application of digital technologies in the air transport sector. DARTeC aims to address some of the main research challenges facing the aviation industry, including:

  • The integration of drones into civilian airspace
  • Increasing the efficiency of airports through technological advances
  • Creating safe, secure, shared airspace through secure data communication infrastructures
  • Increasing the reliability and availability of aircraft utilising self-sensing/aware and self-healing/repair technologies.