I-4 F1 update


Inmarsat has recovered the I-4 F1 satellite, which suffered a partial loss of power. That loss of power invoked automatic procedures on the satellite that led to the suspension of services. Work continues to optimise performance and address some specific residual issues.

The company has confirmed that:

  • All safety services have now been restored. Classic Aero services were successfully restored yesterday (18 Apr). Maritime safety services, which had been transferred to contingency satellites in line with the IMSO approved operational process, were transferred back to I-4 F1 yesterday (18 Apr) following reactivation of Inmarsat C.
  • Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) services, including SwiftBroadband and SwiftBroadband-Safety, FleetBroadband and BGAN, are now restored and being optimised.
  • Most leases have now been restored, with remaining ones a priority and expected shortly.
  • GSPS (satellite phone) services are still being addressed.

Inmarsat regrets the outage and apologises to all impacted users. Many of the services currently delivered by I-4 F1 will be moved to Inmarsat’s new, high-performance I-6 F1 satellite in the coming months as Inmarsat’s investment in new and additional satellites continues.