Insight | Inmarsat Partner focus: Intellian Technologies


Inmarsat Partner focus: Intellian Technologies


Intellian Technologies' General Manager Edward Joannides highlights our successful partnership delivering the three “R’s” government is looking for – reliability, redundancy and resiliency - in our latest partner podcast.

At the recent SIA DoD Commercial SATCOM Workshop in Arlington, Virginia, we sat down with Edward Joannides, General Manager at Intellian Technologies, to discuss how his company has partnered with Inmarsat for the past decade to deliver the three “R’s” the government is looking for – reliability, redundancy and resiliency.

Intellian is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna systems and is the industry’s largest very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antenna manufacturer. Much like Inmarsat, the company has deep roots in the maritime industry, and through this partnership they deliver unmatched solutions to meet this domain unique requirements. Mr. Joannides notes that Intellian’s FleetBroadband products are some of the simplest and smallest communications products in the marine industry today, offering worldwide coverage using Inmarsat’s dependable FleetBroadband network. Furthermore, he shares how Intellian’s full line of Global Xpress-ready products offer users simple, intuitive, graphically-based antenna remote control software that includes features such as remote management, control from anywhere in the world and one touch commissioning.

Mr. Joannides notes that end users operate across multiple frequencies and want multiple satellite constellation access. He further shares that this is very unique to what both companies offer and how it sets them apart in the industry. “Multi-band is a mirror image of what Inmarsat delivers today with L-band and Ka-band. Inmarsat knows how to leverage this, and the multi-band attributes of our products have proven to be very successful.”

Inmarsat services are made available globally to the U.S. government via best-in-class partners. Inmarsat type-approved satellite terminal solutions made by our trusted value-added manufacturer partners, like Intellian, form part of the high performance and all-time assured quality provided by Inmarsat services. By combining the expertise of our industry partners, who have been at the forefront of satellite communications-related technology and innovation for several decades, as well as input from our U.S. government customers, we continue to rapidly develop next-generation commercial capabilities built for users in all domains.