Insight | Breaking new ground in passenger experience


Breaking new ground in passenger experience


By its very nature aviation has always been a fast-moving industry. The pandemic, however, has seen an acceleration of widespread changes at a speed previously not seen. As such, passengers returning to travel today have new behaviours, new priorities, and new expectations for their journeys, many of which revolve around connectivity.

Our new whitepaper not only explores these emerging trends, but also highlights the drivers of change in passenger experience that has led Inmarsat Aviation to invest in OneFi, our new customer experience platform. So, what are these new trends? What opportunities do they present for airlines? And how will OneFi ensure value for passengers?

Download our illuminating whitepaper to discover the answers to all these.

Our whitepaper examines five emerging trends in detail

  • The use of personal devices onboard – why optimising onboard connectivity solutions for personal device is vital
  • The passenger in control – how access to real-time information is changing the way passengers fly
  • Personalisation of the inflight experience – how connectivity offers new opportunities to let passengers know they are seen beyond a seat number
  • E-services and ancillary revenues – how inflight connectivity is central to realising the full potential of onboard retail
  • Keeping connected – why innovative airlines are getting creative in monetising connectivity

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