Jet ConneX rises to the power of four

Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX selected as line-fit option by four major business jet manufacturers

If three things coming together constitute a movement, what does four mean? An unstoppable juggernaut? Inmarsat, the world’s leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, is about to find out following the news that all four major business jet original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have chosen the company’s innovative Jet ConneX high-speed broadband service as a line-fit option.

Confirmation that Dassault will line-fit Jet ConneX on its Falcon business jets and Embraer on its Lineage 1000 Executive Jets, follows Gulfstream and Bombardier’s earlier adoption of the service.

This is a significant milestone for Inmarsat and Jet ConneX – the only global, high-speed Wi-Fi option available for business jets today. It offers the same fast and reliable connectivity in the air that has previously only been available on the ground. Using Inmarsat’s Ka-band satellite network, it provides data plans up to 15Mbps and consistent global coverage. Inmarsat is already adding capacity, ahead of demand, with the recent launch of its fourth GX satellite with SpaceX.

“Inmarsat continues to see overwhelming customer demand for Jet ConneX, reinforcing our status as the number one connectivity provider to business aviation customers worldwide. We couldn’t be prouder to confirm Dassault and Embraer alongside Gulfstream and Bombardier as the latest of the big four private jet manufacturers to start line-fit of Jet ConneX,” said Kurt Weidemeyer, Inmarsat Senior Vice President.

He explained that for CEOs and wealthy individuals inflight connectivity (IFC) is not a luxury but a necessity. “It just has to work. When they get in this private jet they expect to be able to do all of the work in the air that they do on the ground, including video conferencing,” he commented. “They have to rely on it and know that when they get on that aircraft they’re going to have connectivity."

"Inmarsat continues to see overwhelming demand for Jet ConneX"

He pointed out that unlike regular airline space, which is regulated by set routes, business passengers’ needs are more unique.

“Any day they might have to fly from NY to Hong Kong, or LA to Johannesburg. That’s why Jet Connex, based on the Global Xpress network, is the best solution for business aviation because it works everywhere, and just like SwiftBroadband it’s consistent and now it offers much higher speeds.”

Current Dassault aircraft are also eligible for Jet ConneX. Inmarsat’s non-Ka radome program allows existing aircraft to join the Jet ConneX network with their legacy radomes while they wait for delivery of their Ka-band radome.

Boeing customers also now have an accelerated path to Jet ConneX following the news that Lufthansa Technik’s Two-in-One-Solution (TIOS) radome for Ka-band antennas is now available for Boeing Business Jet 3 (737-900). The radome is already used by Boeing Business Jets 1 (737-700) and 2 (737-800).

The TIOS is a tail mounted radome and the first to accommodate Ka-band antennas for BBJs. The aerodynamic design and the tail mount installation causes less drag and noise compared to fuselage mounted antennas. Operators can also benefit by saving money on installation and operational costs.

“Boeing customers are globe trotters and they need a global high-speed Wi-Fi solution now. LHT’s TIOS installation is faster and customers are eligible for the same data plans as fuselage mounted antenna installations. It’s a win-win,” commented Weidemeyer.

Warren Nechtman, Vice President of Connectivity Equipment, Honeywell Aerospace, said: “Together, Honeywell and Inmarsat are improving productivity, entertainment and comfort for business aviation with truly global, high-speed connectivity.”

Weidemeyer concluded: “SwiftBroadband was the best in class when it was launched and Jet ConneX is a stellar upgrade. Reaching this milestone is testament to our strategy of listening and responding to what business aviation customers’ want. It’s also a great endorsement in our service from manufacturers. We look forward to continuing to build on this strategy and success in the coming months and years.”