Increase your TCE results and reduce significantly GHG emissions.

Our system helps owners, managers, and operators to optimize their TCE per voyage and reduce their GHG emissions at the same time. VesselBot’s TCE Optimization Decision Support System identifies the optimal and feasible route via sea from location A to location B, suggests the optimal speed/rpm and Bunkering location and estimates the ETA for each vessel by taking into consideration commercial and other terms in order to optimize TCE performance for each voyage.

We have gathered millions of historic data related to vessel performance either from sensors onboard or noon report, market conditions, Bunker prices, Weather conditions, Vessel particulars, AIS data, Hire rates and a number of other factors. Combining these and advanced AI models we have developed a decision support system that allows us to propose to Operation team’s and crew onboard actions that will enable them to increase voyage profitability and reduce GHG emissions.

Key benefits

  1. Increase TCE results by 10-15%
  2. Reduce GHG emissions and make a positive environmental impact
  3. Improve fleet vessel performance
  4. Make optimal bunker procurement decisions based on real time data
  5. Efficiently manage the operations of your fleet and save time for collecting data and analysing them

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Fleet Data

This application works with Fleet Data, our end-to-end IoT platform for data collection, transfer, storage and analysis.

Further information


  • Automated TCE calculator based on AI/ML and Big Data
  • Automated Speed, RPM, Route and Bunkering location proposals
  • Real time and dynamic update of proposals both during planning and voyage execution
  • Notifications and alert system when thresholds are exceeded
  • Vessel Performance modelling based on HFD or noon reports
  • CP commercial terms compliance embedded within the algorithms
  • JIT arrival


  • Enables you to take-action, during the voyage and not when it’s over
  • Connects the onshore with the offshore operations on 24/7 basis
  • Optimize fleet profitability
  • Choose the optimal route, speed/rpm etc. in order to satisfy commercial conditions, based on weather
  • No installation cost is required

User scenarios

  • Voyage Optimization and GHG reduction
  • Vessel Consumption Modelling
  • Just in time arrivals – JIT
  • Optimization of port scheduling

About VesselBot

VesselBot is a technology company with deep shipping expertise, which provides the international maritime industry with digital solutions. We combine a wealth of data with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, to develop off-the-shelf and tailor-made digital solutions that meet the industry’s needs.