Smart Vessel Optimizer - optimize your entire fleet using data coming from offshore operations, and use insights to continuously improve operations 

Smart Vessel Optimizer delivers insights from the many different systems that are available on a vessel and onshore. These insights give detailed information on several levels of vessel performance, helping you to optimize your maritime operations and get vital performance insights.

  • With the ecological view, a vessel operator receives a constant update on the emissions, large consumers, unnecessary consumption and more. 
  • The operational visuals share detailed insights on vessel operation, weather, manoeuvres and daily operations. 
  • The technical area highlights asset performance features; condition-based and predictive maintenance, and ready to use asset templates to drive uptime and first-time-right support. 
  • With the financial reports, you receive hourly cost status report of the vessels and fleet. 

Today's operation mainly relies on experts and experience from people. As these experts are more difficult to find, train and retain, maritime operations become more complex with faster changing circumstances. This created the need for more detailed information to mitigate risk, improve profit and design better fit for purpose vessels. By benchmarking vessel and asset operation within the fleet and over time using high-frequency data from the vessels. Highlight best practices to use as benchmarks for lesser performing vessels/assets. By measuring all of these different variables, Smart Vessel Optimizer creates windows of opportunity to seriously improve operations, profit and decrease the footprint. 

Smart Vessel Optimizer is built from industrial technologies that are proving themselves 24/7 all over the globe. It gives an accurate and up to date overview of your vessels operational, financial and ecological performance.

The TechBinder Bv application is built together with strong technology partners. This way the agile company can build solutions on trusted technology and offer an innovation roadmap of not one but 10+companies. Answering today’s challenges and tomorrow’s demands.

Key benefits

  1. Use meaningful insights to continuously improve operations throughout your whole value chain and vessel lifecycle
  2. Bring knowledge that is currently scattered across company and data silos together and share it in easy to understand information
  3. Bring first-time-right support to +80% and boost vessel uptime while decreasing OPEX.
  4. Capture technical and operational knowledge in a system that enables you to become less dependent on the availability of human expertise. 
  5. Empower remote support and prepare for autonomous systems.

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Further information


  • Timeseries database with on-the-fly dashboard creation without the need for programming. Excellent for troubleshooting issues that need a multi I/O approach
  • Aggregated data dashboards keep track of overtime performance, enable automated reporting, and visualise information with context
  • Embedded AI analytics to empower domain experts to perform data analytics without the need for previous knowledge
  • Automated decision support providing accurate instructions to any stakeholder that can act at that moment
  • Numerous extension modules for energy monitoring, asset condition prediction, remote crew support, AR Smart Field Support, Sensor extensions, dedicated asset dashboards, API’s for 3rd party systems and analytics and much more


  • Scalable and over time expandable to specific needs 
  • Information sharable across internal and external stakeholders 
  • Reduce fuel and emissions by 10/20%
  • Learn faster, improve always and never lose knowledge again 
  • Drastically improve design and performance of newbuild vessels  

User scenarios

  • Benchmark asset and vessel performance across their lifetime 
  • Detect anomalies in data that no person would detect and prevent downtime. 
  • Enable remote troubleshoot, improve first-time right support, act faster and more accurate
  • Empower crew to use less fuel, produce fewer emissions and extend the time to maintenance
  • Shipyard: improve technical design, decrease claims and support cost

About TechBinder

TechBinder improves Human Machine Interaction. We empower our customers to drive efficiency, profit, safety while decreasing their environmental footprint. We do this by embedding the latest digital technologies and change the way operations have been managed. Together with our partners we are on a mission to capture key knowledge in a system and bring this knowledge to the right person in time any time. This way we enable a continuous improvement loop that contributes to todays and tomorrows challenges