Cut costs, cut emissions, and maximize returns – while driving cross-team collaboration, greater transparency, and stronger accountability for your shipping company, shareholders, and the planet we all share.

As a dedicated Fleet Data application, Nautilus connects clients with continuous, cost-saving fleet optimization insights at sea and on shore. Owners, operators, charterers, and technical teams can access historical data and predictive analytics to help make better decisions for every vessel and voyage, reduce fuel consumption, and adhere to charter party agreements – all in real time.

Nautilus Labs uses the Fleet Data API (Application Programming Interface) to help automate data collection as part of Nautilus Platform, a proprietary fleet optimisation UI (user interface) that provides shipping owners and operators with predictive analytics to reduce fuel consumption, improve decision making, and meet international and local environmental standards – all in real time.

A Single View for All Vessels

With Nautilus Platform, see and compare which vessels need attention—now or in the future—with a single, customizable view. Allocate the right resources at the right time, determine optimal dry docking or other maintenance events, and understand added resistance or performance degradation — all through user-friendly visualizations, historical data, and predictive analyses.

Real-Time TCE/ETA Optimization

Each voyage, operators and masters must make an array of decisions that affect port arrival times. And these decisions are heavily dependent on changes in weather, routing, and fuel quality. With Nautilus Platform, see performance changes in real time and receive recommendations to help avoid commercial penalties, maximize fuel efficiency, and fulfil your charter party agreement.

Predictive Vessel Performance

Every vessel is unique. And the age, wear, routing, and maintenance of individual vessels can vastly alter performance over time. As a result, the performance of sister ships can differ by up to 17% in a given year. But to understand the unique capability of each vessel and their causes, you need more than manual, noon data (an error-prone, one-way window into the past). Nautilus Platform combines artificial intelligence with sensor data, environmental data, as well as physical factors unique to each ship—to predict how that vessel will perform in any weather or draft condition—for more accurate, real-time S&C curves, historical performance trends, and vessel marketing.

Key benefits

  1. Optimize every leg and voyage for TCE, ETA, or charter party
  2. Manage and triage your entire fleet with a single view for all vessels
  3. Maintain vessels with historical comparisons and predictiv analytics
  4. Create customized alerts, views, rankings, and reports
  5. Market each vessel with increased data transparency, stronger vessel yield, and performance modelling

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Further information

About Nautilus Labs

Nautilus Labs is advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence. The firm is trusted by clients across the globe to help make better, real-time decisions that ultimately unlock transformative outcomes—at sea and on shore. By partnering with Nautilus, owner/ operators can maximize returns for every vessel and voyage.