The JARVISS IoT application from iO3 provides an open, participative infrastructure for data to be transmitted efficiently, supporting enhanced integrated solutions and asset optimisation.

JARVISS V.IoT aggregates and converts shipboard data parameters, delivers them onto the cloud and analyses the data to create value. The real-time data is securely collected on-demand from existing onboard sensors and systems. The system allows shore users to visualize ship’s operation and engine parameters and performance data such as vessel speed, fuel consumption, voyage information in near real-time.

Delivering data over the cloud and gathering information on variables of data parameters allows feasibility for predictions, probabilities and trends. The collected data is sent in near real-time to an on- shore visualisation platform that displays ship performance, as well as historical data, to individual parameters in the asset view. Data is converted into useful information to achieve the predefined goals – benchmarking of main operating & performance parameters.

With identification of required correlation data parameters and using high-quality business intelligent data analytics, V.IoT allows decision-making to reach their goals, such as fuel optimisation, safety operations, external regulation compliance, and planned maintenance schedules. This provides a significant impact on the complete maritime ecosystem.

Key benefits

  1. Optimise fuel efficiencies – cost savings
  2. Environmental compliance – regulatory requirement
  3. Navigational safety – efficient voyage planning
  4. Predictive maintenance – reduce equipment system downtime
  5. Business intelligence & analytics – improve operations competitive edge

Related service

Fleet Data

This application works with Fleet Data, our end-to-end IoT platform for data collection, transfer, storage and analysis.

Further information


  • Provides end-to-end system integration from shipboard systems to connectivity, to cloud infrastructure
  • Centralises data into a real-time informative user-friendly shore portal
  • Flexibility on data warehousing
  • Proprietary data transmission protocol with AES 256 encryption
  • Modular (system data sets) options


  • Standardised platform for various sensors/ data parameters
  • Independent of equipment manufacturer
  • Holistic and valuable data analytics
  • Bespoke analytics allows expert inputs from asset owners
  • Full visibility to vessel’s performance on a single shore portal

User scenarios

  • Monitoring shipboard equipment and machinery
  • Improving the efficiency and safety of ships
  • Tracking and monitoring of ships
  • Digitalising ship operations
  • Supporting decision-making processes with quality judgement

About iO3

iO3 adopts an innovative approach to digital evolution for maritime customers today.  We provide an integrated communication management platform delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity. JARVISS, our digital platform, is specifically designed to support enhanced integrated solutions, asset optimisation, and delivery of secured critical applications globally.