Videosoft specialises in the transmission of ultra-low bandwidth video from onboard cameras via satellite networks.

The Videosoft ultra-low bandwidth FireLight solution has been designed to enable customers who have either not considered it, or think that remote viewing is prohibitively expensive, to now have access to onboard cameras on their vessels 24/7/365 via their monitoring system, their own computer or mobile phone - from anywhere in the world. 

The solution can also stream on-demand video or recorded events direct to shore-based control rooms anywhere on the globe. 

Videosoft state of the art solution dramatically reduces the amount of bandwidth/data required, and will enable the streaming of video in circumstances where only limited bandwidth is available, (as low as 4kbps) 

All of which add up to reduced running costs and improved operational control and situational awareness aiding the remote decision-making process. 


Key benefits

  1. Reduce data costs by streaming lower bitrate video
  2. Easy to use, no specialist training required 
  3. No specialist equipment required 
  4. Camera access from anywhere around the globe 
  5. Adaptive, reliable video streaming even in areas of ultra-low bandwidth 

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Further information


  • Adaptive video encoding to suit available network bandwidth
  • Reliable and secure, low latency transmission of video and data
  • On board recording for remote review, replay and download
  • Video and alerts from on board IP cameras and other video sources
  • Videosoft clients and integration into third party VMS and monitoring platforms, SDK available.


  • Reduce bandwidth of video transmission to reduce costs or improve quality
  • Enables video transmission where otherwise not possible with standard video systems
  • Easy to use, reliable platform, no specialist training required
  • Can be installed on standard hardware or hardware can be supplied as a complete system.
  • Highly secure and manageable, either on premise or cloud based solution.

User scenarios

  • The ability of fleet owners and/or their clients to monitor their cargo/vessels in real time
  • The ability to monitor/control unmanned vessels and ROVs, from a shore-based control room
  • The ability to monitor pirate or hostile activity remotely 
  • Remote replay of event alerts, i.e. ship perimeter detection man overboard 
  • The ability to monitor the catch of fishing fleets 

About Videosoft

Videosoft is an innovative video business developing solutions for adaptive compression and secure real-time transmission of video over satellite networks, including a unique ultra-low bandwidth* capability.

The company has a global presence with customers in a wide range of markets including the maritime, government and defence sectors.