MinFarm Tech's MF 200 and MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge solutions enable data from sensors operating on low-power wide-area networks (LoRaWAN) to be optimised for transmission over Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) satellite service for the first time.

The success of a remote operation, such as precision agriculture, depends on having robust, reliable equipment in place. LoRaWAN sensors are proving invaluable as a way to record and transfer data without having to make site visits. But, when you’re in a remote location, backhauling data from LoRaWAN is not always possible via terrestrial connectivity.

The MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge offers organisations a ready-to-use solution that simplifies the connectivity between sensor and application. Powered by a single 80W solar panel and with battery backup capacity of 2-3 days, the device uses protocol optimisation to forward sensor payload traffic over the high-latency, non-IP packet data satellite services of the Inmarsat IDP. 

Key benefits

  1. Unrivalled global connectivity enables you to reliably transmit data from remote sensors to mobile devices
  2. Potential to automate many remote processes such as tank monitoring for fuel consumption readout, supply network planning, tracking the weather and monitoring dams
  3. Improves agricultural production efficiency and helps to maximise yields
  4. Supports sustainable farming practices (e.g. reducing water consumption)
  5. Cost-effective – low connectivity costs and reduced labour costs
  6. Empowers farmers to make smarter business decisions

Related service

IsatData Pro

This application works with Isat DataPro, our globally reliable short message M2M service enabling remote asset management.

Further information


  • Global coverage via Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) satellite service
  • Network server connectivity for 100 remote LoRaWAN sensors
  • Compatible with a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf LoRaWAN sensors
  • Cloud-based dashboard and API for remote LoRaWAN configuration
  • Standalone (MF 200) or solar-powered (MF 400) models


  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Able to reconfigure remotely (no need for field visit)  
  • Access data via your mobile device or computer
  • Airtime satellite costs per sensor are kept to a minimum due to protocol optimisation
  • Simple management and billing tools
  • Rugged device that can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions

User scenarios

  • Measure wind speed, air temperature and rainfall
  • Monitor dam parameters, such as water level, pressure and temperature
  • Collect data about soil moisture, pH levels and nutrient levels
  • Manage irrigation schedules
  • Identify faults and leaks in water systems
“Joining Inmarsat’s ELEVATE Programme has given us access to their global channel which has been key in gaining access to new markets. MinFarm Tech is dedicated to enabling LoRaWAN™ to work seamlessly over satellite networks. We are very excited to partner with Inmarsat and CPN to deliver the MF 200 and MF 400 IoT Satellite Bridge products, which enable LoRaWAN to be used over IDP for the first time. This will enable customers to pick a truly global and trusted satellite service provider in Inmarsat.”

Stephen Lynam, CEO, MinFarm Tech

About MinFarm Tech

MinFarm Tech is an engineering satellite communications company, focused on supporting LoRaWAN in remote locations. Its engineering team’s combined skills are in software IoT protocol optimisation for non-standard satellite links, API stack creation and cloud platform management tool development. MinFarm’s engineering team has over 20 years experience in providing remote communication solutions to support critical data operations, particularly in the agriculture industry.