Australian agritech company Farmbot has created Farmbot Monitor to help farmers monitor their supplies and infrastructure. The solution revolves around the Farmbot Monitor unit, a rugged, self-powering connectivity device with Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service built-in providing two-way connectivity anywhere.

Sensors connecting to the unit generate real-time alerts, trends analysis and actionable insights on water ecosystems and farm infrastructure via Farmbot’s proprietary algorithms.

This ensures that farmers can use innovative IoT solutions to not just remotely monitor their operations but control pumps and machinery in real-time.

Unreliable connectivity on terrestrial networks has previously been a barrier to technology adoption on Australian farms – two-way satellite communications is a game changer. 

Key benefits

  1. Enhances visibility of water supplies and other farm operations
  2. Provides opportunity to automate farming processes
  3. Improves efficiency, productivity and ROI
  4. Reduces carbon footprint and enables more sustainable farming
  5. Supports a safer working environment and greater peace of mind
  6. Offers cost savings on labour and fuel 

Related service

IsatData Pro

This application works with Isat DataPro, our globally reliable short message M2M service enabling remote asset management.

Further information


  • End-to-end solution that combines hardware, sensors, satellite and cellular (4G/LTE) connectivity and SaaS
  • Solar-powered devices
  • Cloud-based MyFarmbot dashboard
  • Real-time SMS and email alerts


  • Easy installation (no technician required)
  • Multiple sensors available 
  • Reliable and robust – works anywhere, even in remote environments
  • Dashboard can be accessed by multiple users
  • Integrates with a range of other agritech platforms 
  • Built from corrosion-resistant materials
  • Suitable for all size of agricultural business, from small farms to large multiple-site operations

User scenarios

  • Monitor water level, pressure and flow 
  • Detect leaks and faults
  • Measure rainfall and track rainfall history
  • Determine pump issues
  • Get insights into livestock drinking habits
  • Manage diesel levels and prevent fuel from being stolen 
  • Provide emergency alarm for staff (send an immediate distress signal)
“Being involved with Inmarsat's ELEVATE Programme is an exciting step forward in the development of Farmbot solutions. It has the potential to significantly improve the management of critical water resources for farmers worldwide, resulting in tangible productivity gains, carbon reduction and ultimately more sustainable outcomes. We look forward to announcing the development of on-demand cameras for farmers over the coming months."

Andrew Coppin, Managing Director, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

About Farmbot

Farmbot Monitoring Solutions is an Australian agritech company specialising in remote monitoring solutions. The company has grown significantly over the past few years and its core water monitoring solutions have become the new gold standard of real-time remote monitoring. It is expanding its product offerings, collaborating with other leading global agritechs and expanding into international markets.