One of the most connected sporting events in history – powered by Inmarsat’s cutting edge technology

Inmarsat is proud to be the official Satellite Communications Partner for a sixth consecutive edition of The Ocean Race – described as the longest and toughest sporting event in the world, and the ultimate test of a team and human adventure.

Utilising our 99.9% reliable global, mobile satellite L-band network, we will deliver advanced digital content capabilities, safety services and onboard connectivity for The Ocean Race 2022-23 round-the-world sailing challenge.

The competing teams will have access to breaking advancements in onboard communications and digitalisation to take full advantage of applications and value-added services.

This will not only help them to gain a racing advantage but it will also enable the Onboard Reporters to bring all the live action to fans across the globe so they can feel closer to the race than ever before.

Leg 1 of The Ocean Race commenced in Alicante, Spain on 15 January 2023 and will have visited nine international cities over a six month period by the time it finishes with a Grand Finale in Genoa, Italy on 1 July 2023. 

Two dynamic classes of boats will compete: the high-tech foiling IMOCA 60 class and the one-design VO65 fleet. Each race yacht will be equipped with our reliable maritime services and satellite phone:

  • FleetBroadband 250 – to power high-speed, always-on voice and data communications for internet access, emails, calls, weather reporting, telemedicine and live applications such as high-quality video streaming. The VO65s will also have a FleetBroadband 500
  • Inmarsat C – two-way data connection for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) services and 24/7 tracking
  • IsatPhone 2 – our reliable and robust satellite phone will be stowed away in each boat’s emergency grab bag

Inmarsat C beams back the boats’ GPS locations to race HQ every 10 seconds. This, together with our FleetBroadband voice safety services and the GPS tracking and alert functions on our satellite phone, keep the crews as safe as is possible when you are taking on the most challenging environment on Earth.

With Inmarsat services onboard, The Ocean Race crews have the best communications from boat-to-shore and shore-to-boat – to seek medical advice mid-leg, report damage so repairs could be arranged at the next stopover, or wish a desperately-missed loved one a happy birthday.

For the first time, our services will also support the real-time transfer of scientific data as The Ocean Race continues its ground-breaking and award-winning sustainability efforts. 

“It is rare in sport to have a partnership that extends past 20 years, but with Inmarsat, we have a perfect fit in terms of technology and values. This new agreement will allow us to further push the boundaries with our race communications”

Richard Brisius, Race Chairman, The Ocean Race

The route


  • Leg 1 start – Alicante - 15 January 
  • Leg 2 start – Cabo Verde – 25 January
  • Leg 3 start – Cape Town – 26 February
  • Leg 4 start – Itajai – 23 April
  • Leg 5 start – Newport – 21 May
  • Leg 6 start – Aarhus – 8 June
  • Kiel Fly-by – 9 June
  • Leg 7 – The Hague – 15 June
  • Grand Finale In-port Race – Genova – I July


The VO65 - The Ocean Race VO65 Sprint will take the VO65 fleet to four cities, in three race stages: Alicante - Cabo Verde; Aarhus to The Hague; The Hague to Genova.

The teams


  • 11th Hour Racing Team –Skipper Charlie Enright
  • Team Mazila – Skipper Boris Hermann
  • Holcim – PRB – Skipper Kevin Escoffier
  • GUYOT environment – Skippers Benjamin Dutreux & Robert Stanjek
  • Biotherm Racing – Skipper Paul Meilhat


  • WindWhisper Racing Team
  • Ambersail 2
  • Viva Mexico
  • Team JAJO
  • Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team
  • Austrian Ocean Racing powered by Team Genova

2017-18 edition facts

  • 72 male and 23 female sailors representing 18 nationalities took part
  • 12,203 high-resolution pictures were sent from the boats for media
  • 6,596 minutes of video was streamed live from the boats
  • 182 live video calls were made from the boats
  • 66m viewers watched the Inmarsat finish line live broadcast in The Hague
  • 5m people visited the race villages
  • Just 16 min and 1 sec separated first and second place after 126 days of racing
  • Over 277m telemetry data was sent back to HQ
  • 117,129 online articles were published about The Ocean Race
  • The Ocean Race social media post engagement reached 168m
  • The most popular social media video had 23m+ views

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