Inmarsat ORCHESTRA will be the first of its kind. A unique, global, multi-dimensional, dynamic mesh network that will redefine connectivity at scale with the highest capacity for mobility worldwide and at hot spots, as well as the fastest average speeds and the lowest average latency of any network, planned or in existence.

In the largest ever transformation of Inmarsat’s market-leading services, ORCHESTRA will be a seamless configuration of our ELERA (L-band) and Global Xpress (Ka-band) networks with terrestrial 5G, targeted low earth orbit (LEO) capacity, and dynamic mesh technologies, to create a single advanced solution for global mobility.

This revolutionary layered approach is designed to meet the accelerating bandwidth requirements of more diverse, demanding and ever more widely adopted applications in the commercial and government mobility markets. By drawing on the unique capabilities of each component, it will deliver high performance connectivity everywhere, while eliminating the longstanding industry-wide challenge of congestion at high demand hot spots, like busy ports, airports, sea canals and flight corridors, for good.

"An orchestra brings different instruments together, each supporting the other and playing its role in the masterpiece. We’re building ORCHESTRA on the same concept."

New use cases and business models

ORCHESTRA’s unprecedented combination of global coverage, unparalleled capacity and resilience will provide customers with a low-risk transition to next generation service capabilities, enabling new business models and use cases well into the future.

  • Urban Air Mobility: Complete command and control and secure air traffic management capabilities for the safe operation of autonomous flying taxis and personal air transport.
  • Industrial IoT: Secure, device-neutral, private networks for large scale IoT deployments that can integrate, manage and monitor disparate sensors and devices via a single cloud environment.
  • Smart Cruise Ships: High speed, low latency passenger, crew and operational connectivity solutions for ferries and cruise ships, enabled through global satcom and on-board 5G networks.
  • Tactical Private Networks: Bespoke, high-speed, local area, temporary ‘sovereign’ networks to connect international aid, forces or government agencies in the field while securely relaying critical data home for analysis.

One cohesive solution

ORCHESTRA will integrate Inmarsat’s existing geosynchronous (GEO) networks with terrestrial 5G and a new, targeted LEO satellite deployment.

  • ELERA: provides a critical layer of always-on connectivity with all-weather resilience.
  • Global Xpress: delivers reliable, high-speed, global coverage with security and full redundancy.
  • Terrestrial 5G: adds ultra-high capacity at specific high demand hot spots, such as busy ports, airports, straits and sea canals.
  • LEO: a small, targeted constellation of 150-175 satellites layering additional high capacity over further high demand areas.

This layered approach is supplemented by a ‘dynamic mesh network’, which allows individual terminals to act as nodes to route traffic to and from other terminals. The ability to extend the range of direct links to others beyond that range, like ships beyond the reach of 5G for example, will bring a powerful new dimension to networking.

"By combining the distinct qualities of GEO, LEO and 5G into a single network, we will deliver a service that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Our customers will benefit from dramatically expanded high throughput services around the world. This is the future of connectivity."

A cost-efficient, strategic investment

ORCHESTRA reflects a natural evolution of our technology roadmap, leveraging existing market-leading network assets, and supporting a continued strategic focus on global mobility customers.

It ensures Inmarsat is well positioned to deliver long-term, profitable growth by delivering new services to existing customers, unlocking near-adjacent sectors, and maintaining a strong competitive position. And Inmarsat has the proven technology expertise, the right base of customers and partners and the financial strength to deliver.

ORCHESTRA’s timeline reflects the scope of the vision and Inmarsat’s commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance technology that meets customer requirements. Our investment plan will be regularly assessed based on customer demand and technological developments. Initial implementation will include delivery of the terrestrial network, terminals for aviation and maritime deployment, and LEO test satellites. Initial terrestrial deployment is expected from late 2022; early tests of the new technologies are progressing positively.