Mobile satellite communications in the field

U.S. and allied military forces rely on Inmarsat’s worldwide L-band Tactical Satellite (L-TAC) service to augment and extend their UHF and VHF capabilities by allowing them to use existing tactical radios over Inmarsat’s L Band satellites — saving money and saving lives through advanced communications technology.

With critical missions on the line, L-TAC users now regularly depend on the increased mobility and assured service they get 24/7/365 from our highly reliable satellite network. Inmarsat’s commitment to government services was demonstrated yet again in late 2015 when it became necessary to move a satellite with active LTAC users over 28,000 km from its original location over Africa to a new location over the Indian Ocean to open up commercial services in that region. Though the move would take over a month, the satellite needed to continue to support several critical L-TAC networks for troops in harm’s way. The technical and operations teams at Inmarsat, working with our partners and their customers created 120 customised beams prior to the move, and switched their positions on a daily basis to maintain coverage over critical areas. On the ground, the user experience was ‘service as usual’ with no unexpected interruptions or degradation.

Inmarsat regularly creates solutions for our government customers that no other satellite operator can. Applying technical innovation to unique global communications assets, Inmarsat puts customer missions first.