Inmarsat World: What’s in it for you?

25 October 2017

Ali Grey, Director of Partner Enablement, Inmarsat

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The satellite communications world is rapidly changing – in the next five years we are going to see more change within the industry than we have seen in the last 15 years.

Inmarsat World, which brings together our developer and partner community for the first time, provides a unique opportunity to get an accelerated feel for all the things that are influencing the industry and our satellite communications – from both a technology and commercial perspective. By visiting the conference in Lisbon, you’ll gain an understanding of how to take advantage of this step-change and remain relevant in the satellite communications industry of tomorrow.

What is disrupting the space?

One key element marking this change is the rise of the digital society and the need for everyone and everything to be connected. And this new connected landscape goes beyond a satellite phone call or sending an email at sea. We now have access and the ability to connect the shipping vessels, aircraft and cities around the world through smart technology and IoT to bring about positive change in crew welfare, crop yields, operational efficiency and environmental impacts, for example.

With limitless possibilities of what satellite communications can deliver, we find ourselves competing in a huge playing field and within a space that is ripe for change, and one that also provides a wealth of opportunities for developers to take advantage of.

Technology toolkits

During Inmarsat World, we’ll be showcasing our latest technology toolkit components, including core modules and edge computing, to help you access these markets and create value added services.

And for the first time you will be able to see these technology toolkits in action, integrated into prototype products, and speak to the early adopters working with us to hear about their successes and lessons learned along the way.

Technology influencers

You will also be able to discover more about the technology influencers making waves in our industry now and shaping how it will look in the next five years during our Technology 101s.

Each half hour session will cover off all the basics you need to know about the technologies from leading industry experts. Hear from IBM about its innovative work with blockchain, how Actility is harnessing the power of LoRaWAN and satellite networks, or what Google Apigee is pioneering with APIs. There will also be sessions on 5G, IoT security, software defined networks, antenna innovation and data science.

Startups and partners

One of the signs that our industry is changing and of interest to others is when you see startups beginning to engage in our community. And for the first time we will be welcoming a small cohort of start-ups and newcomers to Inmarsat World to introduce themselves.

You can also hear from our more established partners, who will be speaking and taking part in discussion panels – from Rolls Royce, Royal Australian Airforce and Thai Union to Deutsche Telekom, BSNL and the European Space Agency.

Partner with us

So get engaged with us at Inmarsat World and see what the next steps are to partner with us, whether as an existing partner wanting to discover what’s new for 2018 and beyond or as a new value added manufacturer or application provider meeting our community for the first time, the conference is designed for you.

We can guarantee that by the time you walk away from Inmarsat World you will not only be inspired but also ahead of the game. Be part of it and register now:

About the author

Ali Grey has been in product development at Inmarsat for over 10 years. Prior to that she worked in product development consultancy in various technology industries and ran her own software business. She now works at the interface of Inmarsat and external partners to innovate new ways of working.