The world’s first global, high-speed aviation broadband service from a single operator. Consistent, high quality Wi-Fi in the sky creates a platform for tomorrow’s aviation services today.

The inflight broadband solution designed to meet the connectivity needs of passengers and airlines flying across the busy traffic routes of Europe.

Jet ConneX brings high-speed connectivity to business aircraft. Its advanced technology puts network speeds comparable to on-the-ground performance in the air.

SB-S is the first and only global, secure, IP connection for operations and safety communications, bringing real-time visibility into global operations, wherever airlines fly.

One of the most widely used and cost-effective solutions in the aviation industry for global voice and high-speed data for non-safety cockpit and passenger cabin communications.

Providing cockpit safety, voice and data services to over 90% of the world’s transoceanic aircraft, Inmarsat’s Classic Aero portfolio provides trusted and reliable connectivity.

Inmarsat’s Swift 64 always-on inflight voice and data service provides a range of flexible and secure applications for non-safety cockpit and passenger cabin communications.